Multi-temporal Scene WuHan (MtS-WH) Dataset

  • 2019年03月26日
  • The Wuhan multi-temperature scene (MtS-WH) data set is mainly used for theoretical research and verification of scene change detection methods. Scene change detection is detecting and analyzing the changes of land-use in a certain area at the scene semantic level.

    This dataset consists of two large-size VHR images, which have a size of 7200x6000 and are respectively acquired by IKONOS sensors in Feb, 2002 and Jun, 2009. The images cover the Hanyang District, Wuhan City, China and contain 4 spectral bands (Blue, Green, Red and Near-Infrared). The spatial resolution of the images is 1m after fusion of the pan and multispectral images by the Gram–Schmidt algorithm.

    Download MtS-WH dataset

    For each large-size image, we generated 190 scene images as training set and 1920 images as testing set. These images are labeled as following classes:

    1 parking 2 water
    3 sparse houses 4 dense houses
    5 residential region 6 idle region
    7 vegetation region 8 industrial region
    0 undefined (Not Used)

    An overview of the overall image and scene classes of the dataset is shown below (see the README file for more information):

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